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evo 4k

  1. Quagmire LXIX

    Back in the Autel saddle again! Video of Nooksack Falls captured with an Evo.

    Hello pilots, recently bought an Autel Evo, used to have a couple X-Star Premiums and moved to a Typhoon H for the 360 cam. Wanted to get a compact drone for easier mobility and the Evo fits nicely. Great to back with Autel again, good to see they're still working hard and respect personal...
  2. jcommstudios

    EVO 4K @ 100mbps!

    I am super happy with the EVO's 100mbps footage. I put together a new Win10 pro workstation to cut full 4K at 100mbps to keep a high level of color info for the edit. This machine is an absolute dream to edit with and to color grade with. It's running the Premier Suite and some other software I...