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  1. SD_PIlot

    Long Beach Island, N.Jersey Sights

  2. SD_PIlot

    Pet Peeve - Blaming crash on everything else but ?

    What is it with these folks who blame everything around them but themselves when a crashed occurred by their own doing. Just read somewhere else where the guy reported that one of the legs of the Evo broke off in mid-flight ? What? He blamed the Evo that it was somehow faulty and had to ship it...
  3. R

    Drone Laws State, National and International 2017

    I was looking for Virginia drone laws and came across this site. I looked here to see if it has been posted and saw no direct reference to it, so hope I am not repeating info. Site: Helping Individuals and Businesses Navigate Drone Law Overview: Ultimate Guide to Drone Laws from a Lawyer &...