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drone for sale

  1. F

    EVO for sale

    Hi all. I've got a near new EVO for sale. If I had to guess, it's probably got around 20-25 flights on it. Looks and acts as new. Has the latest firmware, EXTRA battery and the original bag included at the EVO launch. Selling it for personal reasons completely outside of any quality...
  2. R

    Like New Autel X-Star Premium Drone Package LOADED

    **SOLD** I bought all this brand new from Autel Robotics and flew it ONCE. I had aspirations of starting a drone photography business but it never materialized. My loss - your gain. I paid nearly 1500.00 for this package new and will sell it all for 800.00 plus shipping. Includes X-Star...
  3. J

    X-Star Premium for sale

    For Sale: Autel X-Star Premium drone. (XSPRMOR) Easy to fly and tech support is second to none. Comes with: X-Star Drone Case Controller 4 K Camera 3 Batteries !! 3 Sets of props (one set never used) Extra landing gear (never installed purchased just in case) Propeller Guards (never installed...