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  1. brian bwin

    airspace authorization backlog rant

    Well, 31 days after my second email inquiry and 121 days after submitting my request for a routine airspace authorization I got this response from the FAA help desk: So maybe I can expect the request I made in April to come through by September?!?! :mad: Meanwhile I'm slated to be screwed out...
  2. PRMath

    Like waiting for the big Brown truck

    but finally.......... you hear it off in the distance. Only us "oldies" will know what I speak of ......... The Ketchup commercial......... Anticipation, it's making me wait
  3. TAMU1996

    Airspace Questions: Heliport Airspace Classification, Veritcal Shape and Commercial Use In Proximit

    Howdy. I've been searching online but cannot locate a definitive answer, so any input from the community is appreciated... First, how is heliport airspace classified, B, C, D or E? If considered Class E, one might be able to operate commercially withing 5 miles of a heliport and apply Class...