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  1. W

    Original Backpack Panel Configuration

    My daughter says she found ripping of the velcro panels to be very satisfying. Anyone have a picture of their panels, so I can get mine back together?
  2. cunch

    Autel X-Star Backpack

    Anyone use or prefer the Autel Backpack (or another brand) over the hard case? I see it on sale and curious about the experience and preference of others. Autel Robotics Backpack for X-Star Series (Raincover Included)
  3. V

    Making the XSP travel friendly

    I travel a lot, and recently found myself hating life lugging around the XSP's luggage style case along with all my other stuff. Retractable landing gear and taking off the camera (and storing it safely) for travel purposes could make life easier for travel. I'd love to be able to slip the...