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  1. Zoran 🇦🇺

    Reliable 3rd Party APK File Downloads

    What is a reliable website for APK downloads for the Smart Controller SE and has anyone downloaded any 3rd party APPs on this controller such as UAV Forecast, ok2fly?
  2. B

    Screen Recorders - What're you using?

    What's everybody using for their screen recorder for IOS devices - iphones, ipads, etc. I'd like to get a good one to record the onscreen info while flying. thanks
  3. T

    What Apps do you use?

    Obviously we all use Starlink. These are all Android, though Airmap also has a website. I use AZ Recorder, as many others do. Google Maps Maps Ruler - measures distances on maps. I don't know how to do this with the Google Maps app, though it's easy on a computer. Measure Map Lite -...