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We all work hard every day to contribute to what we do and need constructive distractions. Drones, R/C and advocating to support recreational access to environmental gems allows me to clear my mind and leave a mark that can last for generations to come.


People are compelled to make a difference every day. They need to be useful, respected, appreciated and given the opportunity to grow.

While change is hard for many, it need not be delivered in a manner that's hard to embrace. Its presentation must have all involved hunger for the promise it brings and nurture them through its execution.

I envision change that adds process and best practices to technology. That:

• considers and executes against financial objectives in a fiscally responsible way.

• listens to and addresses what Sales and Marketing envisions for and learns from our clients.

• taps proven resources to add PMO/project management, quality assurance and product management to launch a new wave of growth.

• helps the team execute to increase quality & efficiency in a manner that is loved by our clients and prospects, and is envied by our competitors.


I believe highly successful teams are formed by giving people the freedom to share ideas and challenges in an appreciative and safe forum. This has worked effectively to deliver products that have resulted in ~80mm in annual revenue, sales of companies for over US$500mm and a sense of team that most would find hard to duplicate - all of which are a great pleasure to orchestrate and observe.

History & Future:

Wonderful circumstances let me build product & brands that have been used & loved around the world; a true honor that was transformational numerous times.

Locally and geographically isolated teams, and individuals, have been united to work as a cohesive, effective group; able to achieve what they previously had not while being accountable & celebrated. This is evidenced in my experience at Moviefone (securing technical execution and the principal’s interest for an IPO and sale to AOL), AOL (Uniting Entertainment Product execution and giving meaning & purpose to competent teams needing new purpose in their work life – having visibility of top management including having three executive pitch Jon Miller to bring me back a year after I left), KickApps/KIT Digital (by building product with staff Coast to Coast, UK, France and India), and more. Process that was sane was introduced along the way that improved quality, efficiency and eliminated unnecessary dependencies.

Most recently I led the startup Tru Optik as CTO to exit as is was acquired by TransUnion; certainly my last exit where I'll leave a trail of future CTO's in my wake.
Nov 18, 1959 (Age: 61)
New City, NY




New City, NY (Building in AZ)
Autel Evo 2 Pro, M2 Pro, M2 Zoom, Air 2S, Skydio 2, MPP, MP, Mavic Mini, Spark, Flame Wheel, etc. - just way too much, but one must have fun.​