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Recent content by Marc Hufnagel

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    X Star Premium for sale

    I'm somewhat interested but in one of your posts from February you mention that you now have 20 flights on it; here in July less than 15... https://autelxpilots.com/threads/has-anyone-tried-the-starlink-beta-app.344/#post-2695
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    Starlink app hasn't been updated in over 4 months.

    nice features, if they are working .. They are supposed to add them to the IOS app shortly i understand.
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    heard back from dale at autel

    it's curious then that they pulled it and replaced it with a prior version due to complaints about it. If 1.2.8 is a problem for someone they can get 1.3.0 which is 1.1.3 repackaged.
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    heard back from dale at autel

    guessing that didn't happen (yet)?
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    What features would you like to see added to the X-Star?

    how about angling the usb port on the bottom so you can sit it down and not always stress the cable area where it goes into the plug?
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    for x star owners that want more range

    What is their 2-3 times range?