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Recent content by Fly-a-holic

  1. Fly-a-holic

    25% off From Aug. 25-31st on all Accessories

    Heck Yeah!!! Thanks!
  2. Fly-a-holic

    Invalid command

    It's these circumstances like you described that can be so stressful. I haven't had any problems like you described but I feel your concern.
  3. Fly-a-holic

    ISIS fighter killed by drone bomb he was operating after it ran low on battery and flew back

    It was all planned.... The drone was built in the USA! :) We had to do something with all those bad XSP batteries. Lol
  4. Fly-a-holic

    25% off From Aug. 25-31st on all Accessories

    Is the Live Deck included in this sale?
  5. Fly-a-holic

    Stunning storm-chasing video filmed across 30,000 miles in 3 months

    That's awesome! I have always wanted to film a storm in the distance with my EVO or XSP but conditions have not been right when I have the time to do it. One day, things will be right and I can do it. I've seen a few "lightning hits drone" videos and I'm not with that at all. Lol
  6. Fly-a-holic

    Invalid command

    Mine did that exact same thing on my very first flight. I had to google how to launch it and I have always crossed the sticks at the bottom from then on. When the sticks are crossed, the motors start then you can actually launch with the left stick.
  7. Fly-a-holic

    EVO Explorer App Users--It is now officially released! Boat Mode & Mission Planning feature v1

    Dang! I just got reminded of the good info available here. I have been so busy working... but business has slowed down a bit. Now I have a good reason to work on my own boat instead of everyone else's.
  8. Fly-a-holic

    Line-of-Sight past 1 mile?

    Also check bicycle lights as some of them are small and lightweight. One in particular is the Surfas Thunderbolt. I have several red tail lights and they last a long time. I don't have a white headlight but they are bright and have a high/low for both steady on and flash. Somebody that was good...
  9. Fly-a-holic

    Shaky gimbal

    I experienced the exact same thing today at the lake. It was windy but not really gusty. I would say a steady 15mph wind. I landed and calibrated my gimbal and it seemed to have went away. I will try and post some videos if I have any of the jittering.
  10. Fly-a-holic


    Well said
  11. Fly-a-holic

    Motors rarely start and drone won't fly forward

    Mine done that on the firmware it came with. Have you updated it?
  12. Fly-a-holic

    Time for a New Phone... Red Hydrogen One?

    What really attracted me is the outside appearance and the battery life. It has a rather high capacity battery. I haven't done a whole lot of reading but you are probably right about the Explorer app running as it would on any other phone. I remember hearing someone in a video say that there was...
  13. Fly-a-holic

    Time for a New Phone... Red Hydrogen One?

    Yep! I use the controller screen sometimes but it's too small for me to completely trust myself with it. I'm use to most of the settings and their location when using a mobile device. As for a tablet on the Evo, you need a neck strap to hold the tablet in the right position. The the weight...
  14. Fly-a-holic

    Time for a New Phone... Red Hydrogen One?

    Thanks! I'll have to check it out. I really haven't ever had a dedicated phone or device for my drones. I just use my every day cell phone. I can see that being handy especially when a friend or family member wants to fly my other drone with me.
  15. Fly-a-holic

    Time for a New Phone... Red Hydrogen One?

    I wouldn't say that it's a gimmick phone. The Hydrogen One is awesome! I just simply wanted some feedback on how the graphics were when displaying live feed from the drone. I personally would not own another Samsung product and Motorola is on its way out as I have experienced failures in the...