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Recent content by Fly-a-holic

  1. Fly-a-holic

    possible to put Evo 2 props on Evo 1 to make it more quiet?

    From my experience with the radio controlled hobby... Don't Try It! If you burn up an ESC or motor your Evo is going to crash and tear up who knows what. If it does work, flight times will be lower anyway.
  2. Fly-a-holic

    Winter Time Flying

    That is some good information you posted. I live in the south, although it does get really cold here sometimes. I probably wouldn't have thought about propeller icing. Don't ever wait until you see performance loss because the drone is constantly correcting for that. So, when you actually...
  3. Fly-a-holic

    RIP My Evo

    Wow! That's cheap! I'm looking into that soon. Did you have your drone a while before insuring it? Another words, will they insure a used drone?
  4. Fly-a-holic

    Post Your Photo Of The Day Here

    That reminds me... a senior friend of mine had a box store R/C truck and he fed the squirrels right out of the back. He said one would sit in the back eating while he drove it around slow. Lol
  5. Fly-a-holic

    Wreck near home today

    One would pass out if they seen my accident video. :) Although I stayed well out of harms way. :):):)
  6. Fly-a-holic

    Post Your Photo Of The Day Here

    Just a screenshot but I had to post it. It would have made a great picture if I had done it right.
  7. Fly-a-holic

    Model Airplanes

    I like Red Green. The first one I seen was Power Windows. Still laughing about that one.
  8. Fly-a-holic

    9000mah Extended Battery (Experimental)

    If you have replaced your cells and you are getting less flight time, then either you used less capacity cells than the stock ones (despite what they are labeled) or you have used cells with a less "C" rating. Both will result in less flight time.
  9. Fly-a-holic

    Losing video

    Try pointing your antennas down and the tips slightly away from each other. That way, they are pointed more toward the Evo while holding the controller in a natural state. You can also reach them with your fingers to adjust the angle if you are flying more overhead or far away. I'm not saying...
  10. Fly-a-holic

    Device disconnected

    I had a very similar, if not the same problem with my X-Star Premium. I bought it used but it performed well for several flights then I noticed trouble connecting with video. Sometimes very slow or wouldn't connect at all, then it disconnected once during flight. Time to fix it at that point...
  11. Fly-a-holic

    Mystery Nighttime Drones in Colorado

    Could be "Plan B" of storming Area 51. :D:D:D
  12. Fly-a-holic

    25% off From Aug. 25-31st on all Accessories

    Heck Yeah!!! Thanks!
  13. Fly-a-holic

    Invalid command

    It's these circumstances like you described that can be so stressful. I haven't had any problems like you described but I feel your concern.
  14. Fly-a-holic

    ISIS fighter killed by drone bomb he was operating after it ran low on battery and flew back

    It was all planned.... The drone was built in the USA! :) We had to do something with all those bad XSP batteries. Lol
  15. Fly-a-holic

    25% off From Aug. 25-31st on all Accessories

    Is the Live Deck included in this sale?