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Recent content by clackey

  1. clackey

    Forum Discipline points

    So, we do have a concept of "Warning points" on an account. If you have received any, you would know via message immediately. These are generally for not following the community rules below. After a number of warnings (and points) then you are banned, either for a period or forever...
  2. clackey

    Heads up! Spammers are out in full force!

    Ya, it's kind of amazing the hoops they'll jump through just to get a few spammy links in a forum. Clearly, they've set up some type of script so I blocked them at the firewall level. They are still at it this morning...
  3. clackey

    Heads up! Spammers are out in full force!

    Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that the spammers are working overtime at AutelPilots.com today. We've now require all new member registrations to be manually approved and we've already knocked out 100's of them today. If any get through, just hit the "report" button on anything that...
  4. clackey

    Notice From Autel About Controllers and Compatibility in the Future

    A little late to the game here but just wanted to confirm that @AutelCEO is actually the Autel CEO.
  5. clackey


    Yes, it is moderated. It isn't the moderator's job to research every post but to make sure the community guidelines are being followed. That said, if our approved vendor is promoting it then I'd believe it. If you have a problem with a post not following the community guidelines below then...
  6. clackey

    Please close

    Removing all the unnecessary banter. Please keep it focused on the item for sale.
  7. clackey

    Just ordered mine from WELLBOTS. They said they have them in stock. Should ship early next week. I paid for one day shipping.

    This is correct. Our AutelPilots.com community is not related in any way to AutelPilot.com.
  8. clackey

    New Daily Email Digest Option

    Hey all! With the growth of this forum, we decided to launch the daily email digest option as well as the weekly email. Sign up or adjust your email settings at the link below to ensure you don't miss out on any discussions! https://autelpilots.com/digestmailer/ Thanks! C.
  9. clackey

    New Drone Community - Win a Drone!

    Hey all! Today we are launching a new community for enthusiasts of the growing number of entry-level drones at DronePilots.community. If you are pilot of any drones from HolyStone, Blade, Eachine, Hubsan, Potensic, MJX, ScharkSpark, Snaptain, Syma or Xiaomi then join us at the new...
  10. clackey

    New Forum Software Update

    Which browser? When I delete the search criteria (backspace) then the list shows again.
  11. clackey

    New Forum Software Update

    Hey all! We just upgraded the forum software which added a ton of new features. Many of the features are behind-the-scenes but here are a few that will improve your experience! Also, we know there is an issue with the large font on the emails going out. We are working with the developers...
  12. clackey

    reasons why i like my evo over the mavic pro 2

    Hey all - keep it respectful. Its ok to agree to disagree. If you have an issue with someone click the "ignore" button and you won't see them again.
  13. clackey


    We are now officially the AutelPilots.com forum. The old autelxpilots.com domain will continue to forward to the new domain.
  14. clackey

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Use the "insert image" button in the toolbar. Just tested it. The interface is a bit different but it still gives the same options. The "attach files" button is for other file types I suppose. Testing....