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Hay Guys
Just want you to know I fixed my problem with the Evo 2 V2 640r Duel Enterprise camera.
I just when into camera reseting on the SC and the 8k started to work
In your post about getting an Autel, what did you mean by "I do like the non nanny state of the Autel options"
Hi mate, excuse me if I bore you with private message. I hope you are the right guy.
Are you skill in FCC and others parameters for firmware hacking?
Question: There is a little debate on this forum re: V1 and V2. I read a technical article. It said that only V2 chips will work with only V2 chip remotes or drones of any type and only V1 chips will only work with V1 remotes or drones of any type. There is no backward or forward compatibility, because the chips have to be paired and they are from different manufacturers. Am I correct in my summation.
I’m waiting for my Autel evo 2 pro to be deliver on Friday by Bestbuy Hawaii. Hope it doesn’t give me problem like owners reported. Moving from a mavic pro which hard to buy batteries anymore. It didn’t give me any problem like Autel owners reported. Hope this is a wise decision and gave my son the mavic pro used for fishing. I gave him everything including the original googles only can be use for mavic pro.
Hi. I am a trainee pilot locked down in Kuala Lumpur. Just purchased the Autel Evo II Pro. Have studied both the plane manual and the Explorer App manuals plus watched several YouTube training videos. My interest is primarily photogrammetry and preparing user friendly maps. My 1st project will deliver golf green maps.
Autel evo 2 , i want this feature in the next update please. for turn on and of the arm led or under led in the customize button a or b, please more people ask for these to become reality.
John, very interested in learning from your journey. Ive been flying for years, recently 107 certification and became a licensed insurance adjuster. Just enrolled in a drone deploy mapping course.

thanks in advance

John Kerrins
Sure, feel free to call me over the weekend. 617-293-5626
Amazon warehouse has a Autel Evo Pro 8K Rugged bundle here. (drone, 2 bats, case, etc.)

$1,102.23 less 10% at checkout. Condition is Very Good.

Please let me know if you got yours already and I'll let the forum know.

BTW, the seller mentions three batteries as an answer to a question.
Can you please tell me where or what kind of antenna holders for your autel controller you have can not find any where Thanks Tom
I'm looking for a controller for an X-star premium. The left control stick mounting bracket on mine is broken. If it's not too pricy. I'm in Alberta Canada.

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