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I'm really diggin my new E2P 6k but I can't find a way to adjust the aperture. Where it's labeled 2.8 is shaded so you can't press the button to move the dial. Anybody got a pro-tip for me out there to fix this? Thanks!
Thanks for the offer. How much do you want for a pair? Will they fit the posts that I installed for the 4Hawks? My name is Mitchell Nimmoor Jr. My email is [email protected]

4801 Spencer St. #59
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Good afternoon. Is it a Crystalsky you are selling? How much?
Regular one, because the ultra bright is around 1,150 - 1,200 new / used it's around 950 to 1,000... I'll throw you mine for $650 and you can pay for whatever shipping you'd like or I'll do it for 700 flat and I'll pay to ship whatever you want, even express 2-day or 1 day / overnight..
1 other thing lol
I'll say this 1 time, you don't need the ultra bright, it's useless even here with Arizona sun, you can see a 1000nit screen PERFECTLY fine. The Ultra bright is purely a gimmick and nothing but a senseless cash grab..
If you won't take it then I'll be putting it up on eBay for 750 sincee everyone has it up for 8 or used for 7 which mine is still factory sealed and brand new. So let me know so I don't waste any time posting it up online lol
Did the same distnace as you did but one has to watch the wind . Was fun but will not do it again. Good Luck
I live in central Iowa and age is 75 years. I'm on my 5th drone in several brands. I finally went for the new Autel Evo 2 Pro. I have a few questions I'll ask in the appropriate place. Thank you Autel Pilots for existing.
My brother once tried to sell a brand new car he did not like, and the dealer rang him up offering to take it back for the sake of the bad publicity. If you've owned your Evo 2 less than 60 days or so, you might have some luck returning it to where you bought it.
Hi there all, greetings from The West Coast Of Ireland, I really need to view some DNG or Raw still image files from the 48 Mega Pixel camera, where can I find same, regards Liam Hogan, == email -- -- [email protected]
Wayne - had a DJI drone and am now looking at the EVO 1. I saw your tablet holder and would like to know where you got that.
Also, it looks like you have an Nvidia Shield on it? Any latency issues with using the Shield?
Have you used that to connect to any goggles?
Thanks for any info you may have...

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