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Video Help!


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Dec 9, 2016
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So came home today after flying around a bit after work. Went to upload footage to my laptop and every video is super laggy and annoying to watch. Im using a 2014 Mac book Pro with standard quicktime. Havent purchased any editing software yet. I have nothing saved on my laptop minus a few motorcycle photos and some music. Any suggestions?
Did you move the file from the SD card to the computer?

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I know nothing about Apple computers. My i7 pc has no problems playing any Autel video.

Hopefully some of the Apple users will chime in.

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Great point RJ, I played my videos from the card with jerky videos. I will move file to computer and see.
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Non Apple guy here but both my laptops have lagging issues when I try to play the Autel videos on them. They are older Windows 7 machines. My desktop displays them without issue. It's Windows 7 as well but a much newer processor and better video card. FYI...
Shooting in 1080x30fps works great and its still HD. Kinda bummed not being able to use the drone to its full extent but Its okay for now.
Try playing the larger video file on a different machine, if you can find/borrow one (maybe some other Mac users here could help you out). This may help isolate the issue to either the video file/camera or the computer itself. If all else fails, reformat the card (in the aircraft, not the computer).

EDIT: On my system, if I play video files in iTunes, it's super laggy. If I play it in Photoshop, no lag. My system has the AMD Radeon 7770 1GB card (quite old as far as PCs go).
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