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USA v Rest of World/EVO 2 V1 v V2


Aug 17, 2020
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Kawarthas, Ontario
I haven't done any scientific research on this, so will accept that this could very well be a non-starter.
It seems to me, from reading these fora (Classical education - forums is just wrong to me), that there are a fair number of Autel users who are not USA based and hence not subject to the same restrictions in terms of chipset use, no fly zones, Remote ID and a whole host of other concerns I hear about in these fora.
Many of those in, shall we say, foreign parts, missed the opportunity of getting their hands on the V1 Smart Controller (I may be wrong but it appears as if almost the entire supply went to the USA and there are a lack of Autel dealers in some parts of the world) and, through no fault of their own, are now in the position of being unable to get their hands on items which are perfectly legal to source in their part of the world.
I don't know if anyone from Autel will read this (I tried to tag Randall in this post but obviously didn't succeed). Given that the differences between the V1 and V2 chipset will be confined to one module (and possibly antenna) within whatever device they are installed in, and could there be a business case for Autel to split off part of their business to offer V1 and V2 to the rest of the world while restricting the USA to V2 only to comply with regulations there?
I believe the actual swap of internals would be straightforward as it would seem unlikely that the change of a chipset has forced an internal redesign of the product. Yes, there may be shortages of chips but this doesn't mean that the chips will never become available, it just means waiting on availability.
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most of us know and relate better to mobile phones, just think about that model when you think about the drones and you'll be closer to understanding the business case and why autel is going this route.
That doesn't quite answer the question. I think Nokia have outsold all other mobile phone manufacturers and I'm guessing most of their market is outside the USA.

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