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thoughts on poweregg

As of last week, they had not finalized the pricing but suggested it will be in the $1000 range.
Wow. That is very tempting, especially considering that I own a Micro 4:3 camera and a number of prime lenses.

ETA: I have tried calling their support number to ask a couple of questions and get a fax prompt. I will try e-mail and will post if/when there is a response.
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Well, they got back to me via e-mail VERY fast (as in 4 minutes), but with no real information. This is clearly a canned answer, but here is their response:

Thank you for your interest in PowerVision and our products. We are working hard to get PowerEye ready for preorder and will announce preorder timing, pricing, all product specifications, and expected shipping time very soon. Please continue to visit our website (www.powervision.me) and our Facebook fan page (需要安全验证) for updates.



Vivian Yang
VP, Marketing
PowerVision Robot, Inc.
1875 S. Grant Street
Suite 520
San Mateo, CA 94402
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: (408) 505-2226
Web: www.PowerVision.me
I just got another e-mail from PowerVision and this one doesn't appear to be canned:
We’ll be releasing the full specs and release day on PowerEye in the coming weeks. What I can tell you is that we’re aiming to make this one of the most advanced, feature rich drones in its class.

I’ll keep your information handy and as we get more information I’ll be sure to send it your way.

Thank you,


Merlin B. Love
Sr. Director, Channel Sales
Powervision Robot Corp.
[email protected] | (480) 559 3461
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With the Powereye coming in at nearly $4k it looks like I'm going with the Mavic:

Powervision Robot
True that, & NOT Autel, but it does seem like THE DRONE to watch after release.

Very innovative and seemingly very capable platform. FPV camera independent of gimble, Obstacle Avoidance, Adjustable Counter-balance, Interchangeable lenses, Focus control, Ir attachment with in flight switching from 4K to 640x480 IR, Light Weight Aluminum construction, Dual Battery system providing 18,000mah for flight, but still 9,000mah individual batteries small enough batteries to be allowed on commercial Air-travel flights, Folding Design.

Really great stuff! Can I afford it--Not a chance. But I can dream, can't I?

Not that they did the innovation, maybe Autel can incorporate these feature in future for more affordable & capable systems for the rest of us!
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Maybe it is me but that does not appeal what so ever to me. I too think the Mavic to be a platform I would pursue over this. But to each their own which is the variety of life I say.

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