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Dec 11, 2020
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Waukesha, WI
In my introduction thread I mentioned that I will be creating a service to use my Evo 2 dual to do thermal searches for hunters that cant locate an animal they have shot. Im in the process of drafting a list of specific questions I will conduct over the phone when a person contacts me to enlist my help. When I eventually create a web space for this service such questions will be posted there. This is a living document that is not mature and a work in progress. Please suggest other questions I may ask as it relates to site specific data. I understand I will need to check sectional charts to understand the airspace I may be entering. Also, if you spot any errors in what Ive already written, mention them. Thank you.

Carcass Recovery Questionnaire

***At no time during this recovery effort is any member of the search party allowed to be in possession of a weapon (firearm, archery gear or crossbow) *** (exception for CC holders)

***If during the location process, the animal sought after is determined to be alive, Drone search efforts will immediately be terminated ***

***I cannot and will not fly in the following conditions: Rain, Snow, dense fog, or winds in excess of 15 miles per hour. If any of these conditions develop after the search has begun, the search will be terminated***

Name of person requesting carcass location service: ____________________

Phone Number of same person: __________________________________

County where carcass search will be conducted: ________________________

Nearest municipality (city/town/Village): _______________________________

Nearest intersection of 2 roads:______________

Will the search take place on private land or public land : ________

If public land, it the land county, state or federally controlled: ____

Is the property a military operations area? :____________

Do you anticipate that the animal remained on the property you have permission to search or do you think it may have crossed onto a neighboring property? :________

If the animal crossed onto another property, do you have express written or verbal permission to enter that property to search? :______________

Does the property where the search will be conducted contain any of the following:

Power transmission lines, Cell or radio towers, Wind turbines? :_______________

Species of animal carcass to be located: _____________________________

Weapon used while hunting (firearm, archery gear or crossbow): ____________

If Firearm, what caliber: ______________

If archery or crossbow, what broadhead was used: _____________ F____ M____

did you get an arrow or bolt pass through or is it assumed, still in the animal: _____

What time and date was the animal hit: __________________

How far (in yards) have you already tracked the animal: ________________

How far (yards) from last tracking sign can a 4 x 4 truck be brought in:__________

Is the start point for the search accessible by 4 wheel drive truck:__________

If not accessible by truck, is the area accessible by ATV:_________________

Using the image below, give the number and letter intersection of the assumed impact: _____


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Peter Goldwing

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Mar 12, 2020
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I dont know much about the subject but I would research " hunting with the help of a drone".
In some authorities minds looking for a dead or wounded pray is part of the hunting .I have heard of using the help of a drone to be illegal.

Other that hat , if yourself are not a hunter, I dont see much business in it and you risk losing your drone in a cold winter day.
Today I went to look at a piece of land ( I had fun lol) to build a house. When I entered the area I saw major homeless building in there. I backed out and flew my drone. The junk under the drone was invisible because of the canopy of the trees.
You might encounter the same problem.
Sorry if I sound negative but this is my opinion. But I've been wrong many times

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