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NODE's Canadian campaign is now active:


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Jan 18, 2017
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Northern Ontario
Contact Your Canadian Legislators

Dear Canadian Drone Enthusiasts,

The Network of Drone Enthusiasts has learned that the federal government is considering making changes to Transport Canada's recent Interim Order on drone use. As many of us know, this hastily issued order does little to promote safety, and improperly restricts your ability to fly safely and responsibly.

Its nine kilometer exclusion zone around airports and ban on flying near buildings, vehicles, animals and people have made it nearly impossible for responsible drone pilots like yourself to fly your drones anywhere.

Now is the time to for Drone Enthusiasts like you to act! By filling in your information on our form on the right and your thoughts on Canada's Interim Order on drones, you will be put in touch with:

- Hon. Marc Garneau, Minister of transport,

- Transport Canada

- Karen McCrimmon, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport

- Hon. Judy Sgro, Chair of the House of Commons Transport Committee

In addition, based on your postal code, your email and Twitter posts will be sent to your local MP. If you would like to write to your local Member of Parliament separately, you can find contact information for your local MP by entering your postal code here.

A few tips for contacting the minister and your MP:

  • Be polite – the government looks like they’re responding to our concerns, so what we are trying to do here is thank them for being responsive and encourage them to follow through
  • Say that you are contacting them about the Interim Order on drones.
  • Tell them that you are urging them to modify the Interim Order to make it more reasonable.
  • You may want to emphasize one or two issues of greatest concern to you, like the size of the exclusion zone around airport or the fact that a restriction on flying near people or buildings is unnecessary and a restriction on flying over people would be more appropriate.
Thank you again for your concern. We're glad to be working together.

The Network of Drone Enthusiasts


Oct 27, 2016
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Unfortunately, the latest terrorist attacks are causing the authorities to take these unfriendly measures.
If the drones have not yet been used for such criminal acts, it is because the attackers are people without instruction and who somehow shun technology.
But it is not very difficult to adapt or build a drone for a massive attack, only to think that the Champions League final was played indoors just to avoid a terrorist attack by means of drones.

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