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New Stuff?!

Thats great if you want to buy another Autel drone. The new cameras and landing gear etc. are only available on the new model so those of us with the original can go suck rocks I guess.
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Really?! What the heck was the point of having a quick release camera on this one then? That's one of the things that stood out to me, the promise of being able to upgrade this camera in the future.
Well I say this because the new cameras have an entirely different round mount, not the square one we have. I too was sucked in by the promise to support it beyond 7 months.
Maybe I am wrong and there will be 2 types, one for the first gen and another for the second gen but that seems highly unlikely.

It seems this will be my first & last Autel. I wanted to like it, I really did.

EDIT: this turned out to be false... they will be making cameras for the original XSP too from what I have been told. So, good news! :)
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Maybe I am wrong and there will be 2 types, one for the first gen and another for the second
Yeah, I hope that's the case. Then again, the current camera is selling for $349 so the upgrade would likely be a good bit more and at that price point it might make sense to just upgrade the whole thing anyway. Who knows, hopefully we'll have some concrete information soon.
Seems to me that it is 1 manufacturer making these cameras for most drones. I guess they just put thier name on it. Reason why i think that is because from what i have seen and read, its the same settings the phantom4 pro has. And for those of u who have NOt been checking reviews from owners, there is quite a few who rushed out to buy the P4 pro that are very disappointed with the camera results. Some very shabby u tube results too. I say this every year..... do not rush into a new drone. If it has issues then u payed for a lemon.

I am all for Autel doing this, it had to be done to stay in the race. I am enjoying my bird heaps and it performs above and beyond what I expected from it. If they advance the camera GREAT if not the one I have does the job fine. but if the yaw is not sorted by feb/march then its decision time for me. The yaw is very annoying, almost impossible to fix in post.
Still a proud owner of a great bird.
Hi brian bwin, you are correct all the new cameras will fit on the current models.
cheers, JV
That is awesome. Now the question becomes at what price... 600 is my guess
Was watching a little bit of their live stream on facebook and heard Natalie say "when this new camera (1"20MP) comes out you'll be able to add it on to your existing XSP"
I heard those exact words. Not sure if it will come to pass but that is what she stated.
For the X-Star

FTA: Camera drone manufacturer Autel Robotics announced today that it will deliver two new camera modules for the current X‑Star series of camera quadcopters in 2017.

The FLIR Duo module is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2017. It will be able to show both thermal and standard, visual light images. The Duo will allow users to switch between the two in-flight, view both at the same time with picture-in-picture, or see a blended image of both. These capabilities will provide a better in-flight experience, as well as a highly-detailed thermal image, suitable for many applications including inspection and first response.

The 1-inch sensor camera module is set to launch in the second quarter of 2017. This upgraded camera will shoot 4K Ultra HD video and 20MP stills. The larger sensor will allow this camera to perform better in low-light scenarios and capture more cinematic images with a wider aperture.

Autel Robotics also announced its X‑Star series Software Development Kit and an update to its vertical takeoff and landing Kestrel platform at CES 2017.

Their new drone just has a different mount with the camera, they do clearly state that the new cams will be for current X-Stars, the SDK wording can be subjective, but likely for current X-Star as well. I do have concerns that the bird can handle the new bit rate.
Imagine the backlash if they pulled a DJI with new tech instead of fulfilling the expectations of proposed quick release, I might have applied for leadership to the movement ;)
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So I hope they get these out in the wild so we can see cost & such. Glad to see they are actually making them for old & newer platforms. Point for Autel. :D
I spoke with Autel support about a separate issue and asked about the one inch sensor camera and firmware updates and am not happy with his answer. Typical firmware answer "end of this quarter, beginning of second quarter". He told me he flew a XSP yesterday (Monday) with the new firmware and it's like night and day compared to what we have now. As for the new camera's, the flir will be second quarter but the one inch sensor are not coming until the end of third quarter or early fourth quarter. Hopefully Autel will either have a new UAV quadcopter (other than the Kestrel) to release before then or are these are just "safe dates" and will be released sooner. Maybe some third party apps will lift my spirits with the XSP if the SDK was released in beta to anyone or company early and they are already working on something cool.
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You will not see that till next year if then. It with all the other great things Autel had on display where just prototypes in development. Retractable landing gear, muti charger, all in one controller and the one inch sensor camera may never come about.

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The DJI Phantom 4 Pro uses a 1" sensor. The RTF kit is $1500... really all the prosumer drones, Autel included, are a good deal considering the technology your getting.
Price is at 1399 now. I need Autel to come up with the upgraded cam or I'm going to have to move on. i got in at a great price level hoping for an upgrade equal to the P4p...
Price is at 1399 now. I need Autel to come up with the upgraded cam or I'm going to have to move on. i got in at a great price level hoping for an upgrade equal to the P4p...
When we bought this amazing bird, none of us knew they were going to upgrade the camera. So we all made the decision to buy it as it was, not knowing really just how good it was. Now we have seen what's coming and we want it bad. well I can wait because the more time i spend with it as it is now, the better I get at learning and understanding just how good the camera is. The new camera will be great, It will be if not the same as the P4P, better than it My reason for that statement is "time". They have the advantage of seeing what faults the P4P Has if any, They will work on those faults before it is released. Plus the fact that we will have a spare camera if something goes wrong. Maybe just go buy your P4P and have both. No harm in that. I came here from DJI (owned 3 phantoms) all gone now and no regrets at all. I will stand behind the XSP 100%, it is that good and once the firmware is available it will be almost perfect.

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