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New Pilot from Phila, Pa.


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Jan 5, 2019
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I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum, as I plan on spending some time here. LOL! I have been flying for 3 years now, and I started out with a toy that my girlfriend got me for Christmas. I literally tossed the box in a corner for months, as I had no interest in such a thing. Then one day I decided to open it and see what it was all about. I began flying in the house and was instantly hooked! It was quite a challenge without GPS or the toys' ability to hover well in one place on it's own, as it always needed input to keep from crashing. It was a bigger challenge outdoors due to it's super light weight. The wind wreaked havoc on it, but I managed to hone my skills and keep that little bird intact for months and months. I let my 25 year old son fly it, and he managed to drop it on to a parking lot from 100 feet up, ending the little toy's reign. I was already addicted though, and opted for something more advanced but not crazy. I went with a Hubsan 501s Advanced. I had that bird for over a year, and while it had it's glitches, I always managed to keep it in the sky. Then I REALLY caught the fever and began to modify it. ROFL! Well..One day I got the bright idea I was going to install a power switch on it, and I managed to fry the GPS module in it. I bought a new module, but could never get it to lock on satellite's again. I gave that bird and all my after market accessories to my son, who also got hooked from flying the toy bird, and had himself purchased a 501s Advanced. Now he has a spare bird for parts! Ha!Ha! I have since purchased an Evo, and so far I love this thing! I have been flying it for a month or so now, and this thing is rock solid. It has given me ZERO problems so far, and it's accurate landing before today's firmware upgrade has literally been within a few inches every single time. I look forward to the future of this bird and hope Autel invests heavily in it's ongoing development, as it's time DJI has a legit competitor in the Mavic class.

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