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Hello fellow Autel owners. I just wanted to say hello and express my opinions on our hobby. Bear with me because I've just finished reading the FAAs website and I'm in a bad mood.

I own a Autel XSTAR Premium and think its the most wondrous thing I've ever seen, and that includes T38s MIG21twin, and 14 other aircraft. I'm located in the south central Pa area, or as some referrer to the area as Pennsyltucky. After reading the FAAs web site, I feel like packing it up and posting my beloved drone on eBay.

I'm not a alt-right, government hating, gun carrying, psychopath. But I'm getting the impression that the FAA is trying to regulate civilian ownership of drones out of existence.

I was in the Service and bird strikes were common, deadly problems. Except the birds don't know what an A10 Warthog is, they just know that habitat near runways are great places to live.

Drone strikes are a different issue. I think altitude limiting firmware, along with self restricting firmware to prevent flying in restricted air space would help.

I fly in a park near my home. Some day some law abiding citizen, will call me in while the gun packing citizen will grin with satisfaction.

I'm amazed at the general public's perverse dislike of drones. In Pennsylvania, there's been many cases of drones being shot down by gun loving psychopaths. They seem to believe they own the airspace and the real popularity of drones is to look in windows and catch a look at their 400 pound wives in a state of undress.

Industry and owners must get together and develop political pressure. Radio controlled airplanes have been around since the 40s and are as popular as ever and the public flock to their air shows.

Drones are not AR15s. Drones don't slaughter people. They don't fly into movie theaters, outdoor concerts, or attack schools.

An article in NewsWeek stated that 87% of all drones sold, are classified as toys, and cost under $199.

Let's get our priorities straight. Drones didn't kill 70 million people in a war my father fought and died. Nor 20 million souls in a war my grandfather died in a trench in France. Regulate devices who's only purpose is to take lives and support new technology that can save lives.

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” -- George Orwell
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Jan 10, 2019
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Puerto Rico
First off, welcome to the forums.

Let me help you in some areas.

There is a firmware limiting drones to fly. Near airports, hight limitations and so on to prevent collision with manned aircrafts. Autel chose not to add this limitation, but does warn you when you are flying near an airport. In reality it is up to the pilot to fly responsible and within the laws of airspace.

There is a lot of misconception with the general populations about drones. They believe you can look inside a window from 120' in the air, which we both know it's impossible. People fear what they don't understand, therefore it creates enmity towards drones. The best way to tackle this is education. Talk to people about drones, educate them and show them the capabilities and limitations of drones. It will be the only way.

Drones are relatively new in the consumer world. It's pretty much like cars back in the 1890s. In England people had fear of cars, so there was a law that required someone to be in front of the car waving a flag to alert bystanders of the impending doom that was rolling on the streets.

As for shooting down a drone. I have read many stories about this. You can report such events to the FAA. A drone is an aircraft by definition and shooting at an aircraft is a federal crime. Most likely s/he won't go to prison, but will think twice before shooting one again.

Drones, guns, cars, bombs, etc don't kill people. People kill people, but that is a discussion for another time.

Now tell me, why are you upset with the FAA? In you post, you never explained why.
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Aug 25, 2019
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Just South of the North Pole
I think the "paranoia" that a vast majority of the public have, including us drone owners too since we are human, regarding spying or window peeping and such activities is a valid and normal concern and even fear. I find myself annoyed when I am participating in a recreational activity and all of a sudden there is a drone 20 feet up and 30 feet away "staring" at me and my business. And you have no clue who or where the pilot is. It feels like an invasion of privacy so I get the public reaction in these scenarios. Its something that makes me much more aware of how I fly my aircraft around areas where people coexist. Yet you may be in an environment surrounded by people on the ground watching you too that you don't give a moment of consideration to. Its a weird sensation with a drone.

But as far as the FAA I think their contracting out to Kittyhawk to revamp the B4UFLY app to make it offer true value to pilots showed their dedication to becoming better organized. Follow that with the LAANC program now available to recreational drone pilots as of this summer through Kittyhawk and AirMap to mention the most prominent apps and we have made great strides in providing the non-commercial flyers a much broader opportunity to fly now. I can see the future....DJI will have to trim back their geo-fencing and let the FAA process in place take the responsibility of allowing flying in many restricted air spaces.

FAA does give fair warning on their website that ONLINE testing for any recreational drone pilot is not far off and once initiated the pilots will have to take an online test and pass it to prove their understanding and proficiency. And print it out and carry it whenever you are flying. I don't think that is a bad thing. The more responsible pilots are the fewer the incidents that will occur which could be cause for tighter restrictions.
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Frank Candor

Sep 9, 2019
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i hope that Recreational FAA test will be like the test i took for my AR-15 back in 1979!
and of course a commercial drone test should be like my first Drivers license test back in........!
car and gun safety is a joke in this country,.. trucks with spikes on the wheels, 500hp go carts and crotch rockets using public streets as if they were private
and then we have the FAA under rump and the corptards
Oh! Hi i'm Frank not Frank, previous phantom owner, then mavic owner, now a mavic 2, Anifi, & Evo owner,
flying responsibly 3 years now, (seems really hard to fly into an Aircraft with MY skills)

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