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Go Home Accuracy

John Ford

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Mar 4, 2017
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I tried out the go to home function today and the closest to the home point I could get was about 2 to 3 feet. I was using a PGY landing pad and could not get it to land back on the pad by itself. Just wondering what kind of accuracy others are getting. Thanks.

2-3 feet is good...if you're looking for inches, probably not going to happen. I never let it auto land, I always get it down to the 50-60 foot mark above my home point and bring it to the ground manually. I have a HELI landing pad and manually I can put it on the mark every time. The pad definitely helps with debri flying around, more so at the beach or snow.

I don't do the hover and catch, it's just dangerous. I want my fingers and especially my eyes as you cannot foresee what might go wrong.
Thanks for the info. I was asking because I saw a Youtube video where a guy with an x-star premium was getting consistent go home accuracy of less the 12 inches. I do agree with you that it seems better to let the drone get close and then take over and land manually. Thanks again.

I don't know how he's getting <1 ft accuracy....mine's in the 2-3 foot range too. I haven't taken off from any space big and level enough to let it auto-land fully...i'll hit the pause button when it's close and land it myself to make sure I'm in the right spot.
I've only let mine land in RTH mode twice. I usually, like others, take over to land the quad. The two times I did let it land on it's own, it would touch down about 2 feet or so from where it took off then hop around to get a little closer to original point of take off. It didn't get to the exact spot but close.

As far as I'm concerned, if it lands where I only have to take a few steps to pick it up, that's close enough for me.
My sons evo2 lands within 2 inches everytime . My evo2 is lucky to land within 50 feet. Mine was landing within 1 foot with zero wind. I recalibrated it after 2 way off target rth landings. I stopped both from happening at the last second. 1st landing 25 feet to the south of takeoff. 2nd landing 65 feet south of takeoff. recalibrate everything. 3rd landing 25 feet north of takeoff. All 3 takeoffs from exact same spot. All 3 flights were 1/2 mile and lasted a minimum of 10 minutes. Not sure what happened but it definately cannot be allowed to land by itself anymore. Hmm right after typing my reply I was looking at my flight records. Those 3 test flights I did were around 2800 feet. The flight record show all of them 0ver 15000 feet with the longest being over 18000. The evo2 never left my visual site so Im guessing there is an issue with my evo2.
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I was told when you see those crazy numbers you need to recalibrate the compass and it fixed my issue, be advised where I was calibrating initially drone and I were near street which had a lot of metal under the road - took it out in the middle of a dead field and it worked. Hope this helps.
I calibrated mine exactly where i did my sons. Its weird that 3 days before i had no issues. 2 days ago my q500 went out of control in the same general area and just dropped from the sky. It shattered from 100 feet drop. Maybe my neighbors are doing some illegal transmitting. They live within 100 yards

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