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Gimbal Issues? You decide.


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Feb 20, 2019
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First flight of Autel Evo

The first day I flew my EVO, I could see the horizon was tilted. I screwed up and zoomed in and forgot to zoom back out - most of the video was junk. There was 15 seconds of good footage. The horizon looks tilted to me? The wind was approximately 5-10 mph gusts.

Second Flight of Autel Evo

The difference are like night and day from day one to two - very little issues seen. The horizon was level. The only problem seemed to be with the Evo's attempt at hovering in a still position at times. The wind was approximately 3-5 mph gusts this day. The only time it seems un-level is when yawing a few times. Do you agree?

I then started being told my firmware was in need of updating when I would have my EVO on -- studying the camera settings or something. After updating it three times before realizing it was wrong at that point -- I called Autel and was told it was a know "firmware loop" bug. I explained that was one thing - but explained the camera gimbal seemed OK one day and not another. It had been calibrated and really did not get my attention again until applying the firmware so many times. I started getting gimbal errors and the warning not to fly Autel wanted me to do a test.


I did a test flight on 03/06/2019 from a park and received one of these gimbal errors. All I have is video from the EVO showing it basically done nothing. Autel suggested applying the BETA firmware. I explained to them that was fine and dandy, but was asking for explaination as to why my flight log showed a "Compass Error" and never mentioned the gimbal error. Autel claimed I didn't wait long enough before taking off again.


I installed the beta -- and also installed DU recorder -- and I waited for several days to be able to fly again and put together a nice video.

I am still seeing horizons that to not appear to be level. As I yaw around, and take off multiple times -- the horizon seems OK and then it doesn't seem OK. Let's net even get started on all these new/extra warnings that are being displayed from the beta firmware. Accurate landing in this firmware is the worst I have seen in all of my other uses of that function.

My app is the original app and no BETA app. At the time I was told to try the BETA firmware in the EVO -- I was told no BETA app for the phone existed. That has changed and I am looking into that as well.

Suggestions? Autel has made a few suggestions and I need to fly again -- but I am trying to tell them it has been tilted on and off since day 1. If anything the beta did fix it to where the props are not so visible when your gimble is straight up and you are flying and looking along the horizon.

I have owned it for 7 weeks. The below video was the ninth day I have flown my Evo. I also was able to take advantage of having more than one battery to capture a really long time of flying. I no long see the gimbal errors -- but it still does not seem right. So I know the firmware did do something here.

Thank you.
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