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Geomagnetic Storm Watch

Steve A

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Jan 9, 2024
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This weekend there is a Geomagnetic coming for Friday - Sunday.

This could cause problems with GPS satellites and radio waves. So as our drones use both is these just be careful this weekend and keep a close eye on how your drone is acting.

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I was in the air during the G5 peak last night. Surprisingly there seemed to be no ill effects. I was expecting a degraded GPS and position drifting. But it stayed right where I parked it hovering unphased the whole time.
Same here in Germany at 0300 UTC on May 11th: full GPS count and reception, no drifting. Also no problems with steering and video transmission was stable all the time. So C3 connectivity (command, control, communicate) did not suffer any noticeable degradation.

Today I told a friend as a "fun fact" that operation even seemed to be more stable than without those interfering particles from stormy space weather. That brought me to the thesis that a somewhat more "electrified" atmosphere might be beneficial for the propagation of electromagnetic transmission waves. But that is just guessing, not knowing ...
While it is good to note KP, there has never been any post in these forums stating conclusively that it caused any GPS issues.

I actually mapped during this (Not peak) and RTK did take a tad longer to go FIX, but I had zero issues.
My accuracy on the outputs was still spot on also.

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