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Dumb, dumb, dumb

Old Bama Dude

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Mar 13, 2017
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Lower Alabama
Well, about an hour or so ago, I managed to land my drone way up in the top of a pecan tree. Thank goodness for Church friends with bucket trucks!:D


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    Tree landing 2.jpg
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It's OK! I'm pretty sure I could hear it saying...I see you Bad Tree!:D


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    Bad tree.jpg
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Those first two pics with the bucket on a boom and a copter in a treetop and then a man with that copter are absolutely priceless!
He was a lifesaver, or should I say, "drone saver". I asked how much I owed him, and he just said whatever I felt like. Can't beat that. Good guy.
It was all my fault, not paying attention. When the leaves start coming on, I'll need to be even more careful, but maybe I'll see them better.;)
It is easy to see how it gave you trouble. That is about twice the height of most of the tall ones around here!
I checked that again, more like 60-65 feet, don't know what I was looking at the other day when I checked it. I thought 125 sounded too high.
Did anyone accuse you of trying to steal Pecans.....lol I mean the drone gets blamed for so many things..ha
They can't accuse me of that. It's my own tree! What's left of our pecan trees after a couple of hurricanes are so old they hardly have pecans anymore. As a kid I picked many pecans in that orchard.
Been their done that:( A bucket truck just happen to be coming down my street and they got it down for me for $35. I ask the guy if he had ever rescued a drone before and he said all the time. You are not alone:)

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