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Drone Crashes Into Space Needle

Brian Bwin, you are so right, stupid, dangerous and very problematic.
No criminal charges have yet been filed, but 19-year-old licensed operator who crashed his drone into Seattle’s Space Needle on Dec. 31, is being investigated by the Seattle Police Department for creating a “substantial risk of death or serious physical injury.”

Drone operator investigated for causing 'substantial risk of death' in Space Needle crash
Thanks for the update. Interesting that the operator 1.) Went looking for the Inspire and that's how they identified him and 2.) Is not cooperating with the authorities.

I imagine they're going to hit him with some serious charges when they finally get around to it. Wonder if his "license" is Part 107 or just registered as a hobbyist through FAA.
"He has hired a lawyer."

He better hire a great one! This guy is for sure going to be an example...rightfully so, just so tired of stupidity ruining it for the rest of us, and I'm not just talking RC stuff.

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