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Camera-Video not displaying

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Deleted member 6303

Flew a roof inspection today without the explorer app - all went without issue, Once I landed, I decided it would be smart to verify all of my roof photos. Once I hooked up my iPhone 11 with app and rebooted all the images were displayed and then the screen went blank. It was as if the camera wasn't connected anymore. Re-booted 3 times and it came back on, flew 12 foot and shut down, rebooted and issue was back with no video or camera capability in either the App mode or without the app. Also uninstall and re install the app 3 times.

Reperformed all updates, Gimbal, Compass, IMU etc. and it kept going from working to not working.

New to Autel and just left DJI, want to have faith in Autel but pretty disgusted at this point. Updates would only go Manually, Settings dont hold and just little issues all over the place. EXP Settings and sensitivity keep changing values, Gimbal tilt percent doesn't hold. Calling Autel tomorrow, Any help in the meantime is appreciated. as I am flying another roof and dont want to release contract due to drone down. Lost a boatload on DJI with Geo Fence see that attachment,

All firmware seems to be installed. Video is now intermittent and blotchy - see photos please.

This why I came over to Autel - Had all flight approval and no take off - Thanks DJI - Hello Autel

DJI Drones – Phantom 4 Advanced – (But it includes all models) Geofencing

One thing many users will appreciate with the Autel EVO products is the lack of geofencing, a feature found on DJI drones that prevents them from flying in restricted areas.

While considered a safety feature, it can create a major inconvenience for a pilot who has secured permission to fly in, for example, busy commercial airspace only to find the drone will not take off due to a glitch.

Permissions occasionally malfunction on DJI drones, preventing the drone from taking off. You will not have that problem with the EVO II.

Approved by Air Map Class D Approved for 150 AGL Area Description Submitted-Approved

DJI Denied Take Off, DJI is NOT compatible with Air Map.

DJI needs 3-day prior Notice and even then, they still did not implement my flight.

DJI is irresponsible and takes too long and still does not implement.

  • Address flown was 17701 Pine Needle Terrace, Boca Raton, FL 33487 – AIR MAP APPROVED # ARMEUKD61SS0 – 150 AGL
  • This is not the only case; I have had 5 already in a 4-week time frame.

12-14-2020 Video Issue (1).PNG 12-14-2020 Video Issue (2).PNG 3.png 2.png Picture1.png


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Deleted member 6303

Email response for Autel, Followed as they stated and I feel a bit stupid now but maybe this will help some of you out there. You Tube videos have been wrong in stating proper order of calibration after update. This seems to have fixed my issue. Below is the original email.

Support gets an A+ from me. The only sad part is if. . . . . . I do need to send out to Autel expect 4 to 6 week turn around due to COVID and I must pay shipping to them.

I think they should pay both ways but I wont be cheap. I just need my drone flyable to make money and work. 4 to 6 weeks out of field is going to coast more than what the drone cost. Overall I cant complain as they are willing to repair if needed. Cant ask for more than that. TRY THAT WITH DJI, Yeah okay!

Email below:

Hello Bob,

What is the new IMU Calibration in the Autel Explorer app?

When users power on the aircraft, it does an IMU calibration, but it only calibrates the gyroscope offset and accelerometer bias. When the aircraft is on the ground, the bias value is less accurate. If users take off the aircraft from a non-static surface, this IMU calibration may not work properly. The new comprehensive IMU calibration collects 6-axis measurement data based on the current sensor status and gives the IMU a manual correction. The calibrated data is more accurate.

When do users need to perform an IMU, Gimbal, and/or Compass Calibration?

When you receive your Evo II unit for the first time, we suggest performing all three calibrations in this order: IMU, Gimbal, then Compass. After that, we suggest that users perform the IMU, gimbal, and compass calibrations if they experience unstable flights, gimbal drifts, sideways flight, and/or non-straight flight paths.


In order to get the repair process started please provide the following information:

1. Digital Copy of Proof of Purchase (If purchased new within 12 months of date ticket was opened.)

2. First and Last Name

3. Your Full Shipping Address (street, city, state, zip code)

4. Contact Phone Number

5. Retail Serial Number (HT5STDOR) or Aircraft Serial Number (Both can be found on a white sticker that was included on your packaging and both start with "H". The Aircraft serial number can be found inside the battery compartment of the EVO II on the little QR code sticker and begins with "HV...")

If you are attaching a photo please choose the highest-resolution available so the image is clearly visible.

To assist us in diagnosing and repairing your drone please answer the following questions:

If any questions do not apply to you, please answer "N/A"

1. Provide a brief summary of the issue

2. Details of any damage that occurred? (Attach any photos if available)

3. What was the date of this crash (if applicable)? (MM/DD)

4. Did you have Obstacle Avoidance on during this flight?

5. Were you flying with a Device? If so, can you please provide Make, Model and OS information?

6. Were the propellers attached when you retrieved the aircraft?

7. Our team strives to provide the most cost-effective solution possible for our pilots. This means that we will not replace parts that have solely cosmetic damage. We will always repair or replace structural or functional issues, but will not bill you to correct cosmetic issues unless it is specifically requested. If you would like to be billed for cosmetic as well as functional repair please let us know!


Thomas K.

Customer Support Agent


Deleted member 6303

OK so here we go, Autel sent a update today on my drone that I shipped to them on 12.29.20 2 day air and they responded today after receiving it. WAS NOT FROM ANY UPDATE THE OA SENSOR SYTEM WAS BAD AND THE GIMBAL WAS BAD. 960.00 BUCKS - WARRANTY COVERED IS PRICELESS.

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