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3rd Video in one End of the World

Francois thats fantastic mate.
i see u used Cyberlink to edit that, can you share the settings u used in edit please.
Thanks a lot coeaddict

To produce i only choose definition and let Cyberlink default presets, like this :

Interesting ...I will try that one too on a video I have already edited... just to see the results.
Fly safe my friend.
That happens to be one of my favorite albums of music, from Michael Oldfield's Songs of Distant Earth. That's the first album that came to my mind as perfect for drone videos. Nice video too.
Hi Derlta Blue

I am an old fan of Mike Oldfield and if i prefered Ommadawn or Incantations, instead of his "Zen wave" he comes after, i think as you, his music is very well adapted to drone videos.

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