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  1. Seejake

    One more of Miami

    One more I just had to share this one is from downtown Miami looking out over Miami Beach!! The clouds and colors were breathtaking
  2. E

    Florida Sunrise Above the Fog Layer and Landing

    This is my first time posting a video on this forum. On October 26th I sent my Evo I up in the dark to capture the pending sunrise. The controller kept notifying me that there was an object 2 feet ahead - I couldn't see anything as it was dark but I assumed it was fog. I broke through the fog...
  3. Delta Blue

    Today's Sunrise

    I have been lucky to find favorable flying days the last couple weeks especially, and have done a lot of testing at the park nearby. What an excellent machine, the X-Star! I finally got to do more than just test today, and felt like taking advantage of the warm, calm weather to capture the...