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  1. quinn karter

    EVO 2 Aircraft itself is shaking when hovering. It stays in place but it's shaking like 1/2 to 1cm roll. (((( )))) It looks like a very nervous person

    I recently recalibrated my IMU, but now the drone is shaking. It shaking all around like something is trying to destabilize it's hover and then the drone quickly compensates. It doesn't drift or anything. Just shaking maybe 1/2 to 1 cm. The Gimbal compensates for the shake, so the video is fine...
  2. D

    Micro vibrations on video | Gimbal issue

    Hi to all guys! Have a problem with my EVO II 8K. The drone's gimbal is experiencing micro vibrations/shaking during the flights. It's noticeable even from the smartphone's screen. The problem occurs intermittently. In this regard, up to 30-45% of the filmed video can be sent to the trash. The...