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remote id

  1. TroyMich

    Remote ID placement on drone

    Has anyone found the best spot on the drone to attach a remote ID module? I have a EVOII Pro but I don’t think that matters much as the EVOII bodies are basically the same.
  2. M

    Remote id from USA to Taiwan

    Hi, I was wondering if I turn on the evo II pro v3 remote Id function in America then bring the evo II pro v3 to Taiwan. Is the remote id function still work? Does anyone know about that or have any experience like that? Thank you! Matt
  3. GeekOnTheWing

    Dronetag Beacon Ongoing Observations and Discussions

    I figured this device deserved a thread of its own since it's one of the earlier RID modules that meets FAA and EU requirements, and because I have one. My own contributions will be somewhat rambling as I just got the thing yesterday. I've only flown one short test flight with it mounted, and...
  4. TN Drone Services

    Remote ID Update Regarding Autel Drones: Any Forthcoming?

    I found this thread, but it hasn't been active in a while. Given the very near initial deadline and the upcoming extended December deadline for remote ID, I wanted to see if anyone has heard from Autel regarding the Evo series drones. Just putting this out there for the good of the community in...