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photo editing

  1. J

    Colour issues

    Dear all, After much research I decided to get the Autel evo 2 pro. I would like your help if it's possible. I took some test photos today (raw photos / log), but when I open them in the lightroom the settings are not at zero as was with the mavic air I had. Especially with white balance...
  2. Satans-MIlkman

    video and photo editing software.

    What software does everyone use for the best results and ease of use. for video and pictures for EVO 2 Pro? Also why ?
  3. B

    As New ND Filter Set + ND1000 for Evo 1

    Hi everyone I recently sold my Evo and still have avirtually brand new set of ND filters. I had also bought an extra ND1000 ($49 for this one filter) that I planned on using for long exposure photos but never even used it once. I am a professional aerial cinematographer at Romero Pictures...
  4. brian bwin

    pre/post farm photo

    Wanted to share pre/post images of a farm I shot last Saturday as I have enjoyed when others have done so in the past. Thanks for checking them out, not as exciting as cliff top buildings, sunsets, etc, I know! Camera Settings: JPG+RAW 4:3 4,000x3,000 WB: sunny Style -1, -1, 0 ISO/shutter...