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  1. quinn karter

    Night Flight: Autel 6K Lands on Under Construction Townhome Roof 1300ft away, Takes off, Goes home and lands on 4 foot wide 2nd story balcony.

    Recreational Flight to test drones ability to maintain signal connection after landing on a 2 story Town House Complex under construction about 1300ft away. No tenants yet. Earlier in the day, I got permission from a representative of the townhouse complex to test it. The drone was equipped with...
  2. quinn karter

    My evo 2 occasionally won't shut down it's motors when it lands. Does anyone else have this occasional issue happen to them?

    On rare occassions, with no payloads or attachments to block the sensors, my drone will land, but it's motors won't shut down. It's like it doesn't know it has landed. Then, the motors kind of speed up and slow down and just keep doing that. I am able to turn them off, by taking off again and...