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  1. F

    Panorama Mode is not working on iPad Pro 11"

    On my iPad Pro 11" under the Autel Explorer app, the panorama mode seems to be buggy. It is not possible to start the sequence. On the iPhone 13Pro the mode works fine. Does anyone else have the same problem? Thanks Sebastian
  2. T

    iPhone charging problem

    I have a problem with my evo lite +, when I connect lighting cable from my iPhone, my phone start charging, then Remote controller make beep and phone charging is off. All other services work perfectly, but my phone is not charging. How I can solve this problem?
  3. O

    New Update For EVO II V1

    Can someone please just send me the link for the newest update for the EVOII...need the one that works with iPhone. I tried looking on other threads and it is just too confusing the way people post them between the V1 and V2 ****
  4. B

    Screen Recorders - What're you using?

    What's everybody using for their screen recorder for IOS devices - iphones, ipads, etc. I'd like to get a good one to record the onscreen info while flying. thanks