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  1. B

    HDR Panorama Individual RAW Files?

    Hi Autelpilots, I have two questions relating to EVO II Pro panorama shooting that I just couldn't find answers to anywhere on the net: 1. Is AEB bracketing available when shooting panoramas (for HDR panoramas)? 2. Are individual raw files saved when shooting a panorama, including also when...
  2. kdub2051

    Satellite Beach Florida Sunrise

    Some HDR shots with EVO early morning at Satellite Beach FL. Edited using Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9. ISO 100; Freewell ND16 and ND32 filters.
  3. brian bwin

    Just a quick shot from last weekend

    Haven't been able to do much flying but shot ground and aerial video of an event last weekend. It was an interesting exercise to get shots without getting too close to the event itself and risk flying over people. I basically went up/down with gimbal tilts, tried some smooth yaw/pans (managed...