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for sale

  1. E

    Evo II RTK module for sale

    I have an extra like new RTK module for an Evo II Pro RTK or Enterprise if anyone needs one. It has about 10 flights on it and works great. Asking $450 but feel free to make an offer. Payable through PayPal.
  2. R

    EVO 1 with hardcase, Hawk XR Long range antenna, extra remote and 3 recent batteries. Price Reduced to $700

    Price Reduced to $800 :) I have an EVO 1 for sale. The kit includes a lot of extras. Below is what is included: EVO 1 EVO 1 controller modified to accepts screw on antenna connections EVO 1 controller modified to accept teh 4Hawks XR long range antenna system (Only one remote can be bound to...
  3. Y

    Evo II Enterprise with RTK and Extras not for Sale

    Plans change.
  4. C

    Evo 2 Pro w 6K camera & On-the-Go Bundle and lots of extras for sale

    Autel EVO II PRO 6K Drone Plus On-the-Go Bundle with lots of extras. Excellent condition. Original packaging, plus a hard case for traveling. On-the-Go Bundle includes drone, controller, 2 batteries, charger, cables, and shoulder bag. Also including a complete set of Skyreat ND Filters (ND4 ND8...
  5. D

    Mavic Pro Platinum with Accessories

  6. F

    EVO for sale

    Hi all. I've got a near new EVO for sale. If I had to guess, it's probably got around 20-25 flights on it. Looks and acts as new. Has the latest firmware, EXTRA battery and the original bag included at the EVO launch. Selling it for personal reasons completely outside of any quality...
  7. D

    X-Star Premium Bundle

    Looking to sell my X-Star Premium and accessories. Just don’t have the time to fly it any more. Everything is in perfect working condition and has never been crashed. Check it out! Autel X-Star Premium Drone
  8. G

    Super clean like new XsTaR Premium with extras

    I have a like new very few hours flown, xstar premium for sale. Only $680 free shipping cont. usa you get: Like new xstar premium bird . 2 sets of props hard case paperwork extra parts and tools 64 g high quilty high speed mem card mem card adaptor for computer xstar lanyard like new radio...