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evo ii pro v2

  1. Gpop24

    Button Not Released Displayed on Controller

    Anyone seen this happen to your std controller? It won't go away. It does not seem to have affected functionality, but it does not give me warm fuzzy's!
  2. rymianek

    Evo v2 Range Problem

    Hello As you know, Autel Pro v2 has a worse range than v1. Will changing the settings in image transsmision improve the range? 2.4 instead of 5.8? Can it be set permanently or every time after reboot?
  3. D

    Questions for Mapping and 3d Models

    I'm looking at Autel over the DJI drones I've had for mapping and creating 3d models of large areas. Mainly because DJI geofencing has ruined many projects. Need a drone for capture to create accurate 3d models with textures for areas, houses, buildings, etc. I have some questions below about...