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evo ii pro 6k

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    Why I NEVER Use Circular Polarizing Filters (CPLs) With Drone Cameras

    I thought we had a great discussion on ND filters and a lot of myths and misinformation was brought to light in my last food for thought thread where I discussed why I never use ND filters with drone cameras. One thing that came up a few times in that thread was using Circular Polarizing Lenses...
  2. Ñ

    AUTEL EVO II Pro 6k camera sensor

    Hello. In order to do some Photogrammetry, I need to know the size of the sensor (in mm) of the 6k camera in my EVO II Pro to calculate the Ground Sample Distance of my orthomosaic. I have seen already that it is said in the app missions but I want to be sure. I have found that EVO II Pro...