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evo 2 pro 6k

  1. C

    Difference between enterprise and EVO II Pro RTK

    Can someone please provide some context on the difference between the EVO II pro RTK VS The enterprise version? Furthermore, what are the main differences between the EVO II pro RTK compared to the standard EVO II pro. Could use All the help I can get
  2. aerialinnovative

    *** SOLD *** V2, less than 2 hours total time, a bunch of $$ extras 👇🏼

    Autel Robotics EVO II Pro V2 6K Rugged Bundle NO GEOFENCE flown less than 2 hours with many extras NO GEOFENCE Licensed 107 pilot owned and flown with less than 2 hours total time. This was our backup unit, and was not used for work. Drone is not registered with FAA. You will be the first...
  3. aerialinnovative

    no longer available

    For sale: Everything you see in the pictures Ready to ship or pick up. Hard case (3) Batteries (34 minutes full charge) 4-in-1 Battery hub Freewell 8 Pack ND Filters LiveDeck 1 Lifthor Tablet mount. Droneworks neck strap and tripod plate included Prop Guards (1 new full set + one half set) (5)...
  4. 3

    Error en cargar poligono

    hola buenas noches... tengo un evo 2 pro 6k ..estoy realizando fotogrametria... se realiza una grilla... pero al tratar de cargar la misión indica error al cargar mision... tanto en Android como ipad... se agradece sus respuestas.. Saludos desde Chile
  5. C

    What happened to the intelligent flight modes?

    Good Afternoon! Okay, maybe I am just dumb, but I just upgraded from the V2 to the V3 (6K camera) due to a submarine drone occurrence. I enjoyed using the dual stability flight mode on the V2, but when I got the V3 I noticed that the Dual Stability and a few other flight modes were MIA. Did...
  6. B

    HDR Panorama Individual RAW Files?

    Hi Autelpilots, I have two questions relating to EVO II Pro panorama shooting that I just couldn't find answers to anywhere on the net: 1. Is AEB bracketing available when shooting panoramas (for HDR panoramas)? 2. Are individual raw files saved when shooting a panorama, including also when...
  7. A

    Freefall: An Evo 2 Pro Audiovisual Experience

    Presenting my latest project which aims to showcase the versatility and power of the Evo 2 Pro, through an impossible audiovisual experience that warps reality and approaches terminal velocity, as we celebrate what it's like to get lost in the drone hobby. It's a small attempt to inspire those...
  8. H

    Happy New Year - Tampa FL's NYE 2022 Fireworks Show - EVO II 6K

    I finally got to test the EVO II 6K Pro with a fireworks display. As always it performed great. Unfortunately due to YouTube's compression artifacts the video is nowhere near the original quality; YouTube's high compression really affects video footage like this where nearly everything in every...
  9. C

    Evo 2 Pro w 6K camera & On-the-Go Bundle and lots of extras for sale

    Autel EVO II PRO 6K Drone Plus On-the-Go Bundle with lots of extras. Excellent condition. Original packaging, plus a hard case for traveling. On-the-Go Bundle includes drone, controller, 2 batteries, charger, cables, and shoulder bag. Also including a complete set of Skyreat ND Filters (ND4 ND8...
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    evo 2 pro
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    evo 2 pro
  12. H

    Why I NEVER Shoot Video at 24FPS

    I thought I would continue my food for thought series and this time its not even something that costs money. In case you missed it, I posted why I never use CPL filters and why I never use ND filters with drone cameras. There are so many things that YouTubers and social media content producers...
  13. S

    SOLD: Autel Evo II Pro 6K with On the Go Bundle + ND Filters - Never Flown / Open Box

    I'm selling my Autel Evo 2 Pro 6K with On the Go Bundle and set of ND Filters, two sets of low noise propellers, and two sets of regular propellers - that I purchased Mid-Dec 2020. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I never got a chance to fly it - and now need to sell it. The purchase was...