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drone videos

  1. A

    Freefall: An Evo 2 Pro Audiovisual Experience

    Presenting my latest project which aims to showcase the versatility and power of the Evo 2 Pro, through an impossible audiovisual experience that warps reality and approaches terminal velocity, as we celebrate what it's like to get lost in the drone hobby. It's a small attempt to inspire those...
  2. H

    Masquerade Fashion Gala 2021 - PROMO VIDEO - EVO II 6K

    For this promo video I used the EVO II 6K for the night aerial video scenes.
  3. C

    Autel Evo II Pro Jumping out of Focus Mid Video

    I'm a new owner of an Autel Evo II Pro, and I love it. However, in the last month or so we've been noticing that the video will completely jump focus in the middle of the video. And unfortunately, we don't really notice it until we are back at the studio and view the footage on a computer. We...
  4. R

    Trying to Decide - Mavic 2 Pro or Autel Evo 2 Pro - Camera Quality

    Hello everybody. I am ready to purchase a new drone that I intend to use for commercial use. My choice is between the Mavic 2 Pro and the Autel Evo 2 Pro. I am convinced that the Evo is the superior product except for one thing... image quality. I know that the Evo produces sharper images which...
  5. TN Drone Services

    Shot with the Evo II Pro and Newest Firmware

    I've often read that it's hard to get smooth movement out of the Evo II. This was all shot in manual and with manual controls with the latest firmware as of last Friday. I think it came out pretty smooth. The only scene not shot with the Evo II Pro was the last scene with the graphic overlay...
  6. B

    As New ND Filter Set + ND1000 for Evo 1

    Hi everyone I recently sold my Evo and still have avirtually brand new set of ND filters. I had also bought an extra ND1000 ($49 for this one filter) that I planned on using for long exposure photos but never even used it once. I am a professional aerial cinematographer at Romero Pictures...
  7. NewZona Rides

    First Flight Of The Season- Autel Robotics Evo- 4K

    First time filming in LOG and using LUTS. I will get better at it as I go. My buddy Dale and I head out to test the Autel Robotics Evo for the first time this season. We needed to make sure it was good to go for some upcoming trips.