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  1. F

    Autel Max 4T battery charger / HUB

    Hi Mates, I have been extensely looking in the internet for a charging hub of the Autel Max 4T batteries, but it still does not exist. Also the official charger is still not in stock. I have been researching about the battery voltages and charging inputs for the MAX 4T batteries, the charging...
  2. autel_flight_charger.jpg


    autel nano+ flight charger 2022
  3. Volatus Drones

    Now Accepting Pre-Orders for the EVO2 PRCS Elite Charging System

    Starting the week of September 14, 2020 we will begin shipping pre-orders of the first production run of the highly anticipated EVO2 PRCS Elite Charging System by Colorado Drone Chargers. Anyone who has used a Colorado Drone Charger knows what a game changer they are for staying charged all day...
  4. joshmentele

    Autel Evo Charger: $35

    I have for sale an Autel Evo battery charger that was used less than 10 times. My drone crashed so I am selling off the parts. It is in brand new condition, no scratches on it. Still has it's plastic protector. I would like $35 shipped for it, via Paypal.
  5. Btaylor9301

    Everything but the bird

    My X-Star Premium made a super fast landing.... crash. I am selling everything but the bird. One of the batteries is almost brand new (2017 Christmas Present). - Case - Charger - Controller - Gimbal parts - Prop wrench - Older battery, holds full charge