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  1. C

    Want to buy used Autel Evo 2

    Do anyone have a used Autel evo 2 or 2 pro (8k or 6k) they want to sell. Ive been struggling with finding one. I live in Norway in Europe.
  2. H

    Selling: Autel Evo Rugged Bundle

    Almost new Autel evo. Flown about 3 hours and 40mins total. This is the rugged bundle: - waterproof/dust proof carrying case - drone - 3 batteries - all charging cables and usb cables - remote - SD card price is $900 with shipping. Will provide tracking number. Text for more info at 832-277-2704
  3. E

    Considering Buying used XSP

    I've been reading on the forum for a few days because I'm considering buying a used XSP. I'm really new to drones, being recently introduced to them via a Hubsan 501s I ended up with as part of a charity event. After shooting my first video from 150 feet, I was hooked. Was originally leaning...