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autel evo ii

  1. K

    EVO II Smart Controller

    The Smart Controller has been presold, and the official price is USD$1199. Do you guys think this product is worth buying? I have also asked others about the shortcomings of this product, and most of them said it was too expensive to sell.Is there any possibility of reducing the price of this...
  2. T

    Fix for No Live Video Display After Updating Evo II Firmware to Version 2.5.0

    I updated the firmware on my Evo II Pro this evening to firmware version 2.5.0 dated Aug-04-2020. After successfully completing the firmware update from the Autel Explorer app on my Android mobile device connected to the remote control (RC), I power cycled the Evo II aircraft and RC as...
  3. T

    Autel Evo II GPS Issues

    I get the “GPS Signal Weak” warning and ”There may be some deviation between the landing point and the home point. Please pay attention when the aircraft is landing” pop-up message on EVERY single takeoff with my Autel Evo II Pro. This is VERY annoying and makes me concerned there is a problem...
  4. BLADE4

    Need Help with DJI Crystal Sky - MAPS.

    So I understand there are Autel Explorer Users who are able to have maps working while using Autel Explorer with DJI Crystal Sky. I have the EVO II 8k version Autel Explorer V1.1.5.3 DJI Crystal Sky CS785U V03.00.02.00 and DJI Crystal Sky CS550 V03.00.02.00 In each monitor I have side...
  5. Volatus Drones

    EVO II 8K In Stock this Week

    Hey everyone our first batch of EVO II's are due in this week. The rugged bundle case is delayed a couple weeks. Anyone who orders a rugged bundle will receive everything but the case until they come it. Order yours today! Autel EVO II | Empire Drone Company. We've been messing around with our...