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    Evo II Pro 6K v1 - Standard Remote Controller v2 eBay Purchase - D'oh!

    I tried to replace the antennas on my remote controller with Alientech antennas. I accidently broke one of the original antennas at the elbow, so I thought I would try these antennas. Well, I thought things were going well, but I had a had time connecting the internal tiny connector to the...
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    It's ALIENTECH new design for the Autel Lite+ and it's great.

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    Invite you to participate that We are looking for 100 super early bird backers.

    Our new project is coming soon on Kickstarter.com. This new project is about adapters for AUTEL Lite+, Nano+. This unique contemporary design expands the Autel Lite+ remote control capabilities. I invite you to participate. We are looking for 100 early bird backers for the project, and the...